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Inspiration: Movies

Group Description

This group contains games based on movies, released either in theaters or directly onto VHS, CD, DVD, and other formats, as well as characters from those series. This also includes miniseries, originally designed for air on a specific network. This may include movies from any era into present day.

  • There have been many movies based on other material, including books, comics, TV series, or other adaptations. For the purposes of this game group, the content in the game must directly reference likeness, characters, and situations as they are depicted in the movie. This usually also involves having an official license.

  • Games which only emulate the atmosphere or style of a movie, without building on specific content as described above, should not be included in this game group.
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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Champions Forever Boxing1991TurboGrafx-16NEC Technologies, Inc....
The Taking of Beverly Hills1991DOSCapstone Software1.00
A.D. 2044: Seksmisja1991Atari 8-bitL.K. Avalon3.57
The Rocketeer1991DOS, SNESInformation Global Service3.48
T2: Terminator 2 - Judgment Day1991Game BoyLJN, Ltd.3.38
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure1991Amiga, DOSWalt Disney Computer Software, Inc.3.36
Disney's The Little Mermaid1991Game Boy, NESCapcom U.S.A., Inc.3.78
Hare Raising Havoc1991Amiga, DOSWalt Disney Computer Software, Inc.2.83
Fantasia1991GenesisSEGA of America, Inc.2.62
Spartan X 21991NESIrem Corp.3.83
Beetlejuice1991NESLJN, Ltd.2.75
Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters1991NESToho Co.,Ltd.3.24
Die Hard1991NESActivision Publishing, Inc.3.49
The Untouchables1991NESOcean of America, Inc.2.17
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991Game Boy, NESVirgin Games, Inc.3.11
Navy Seals1991Game BoyOcean of America, Inc.2.94
Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure1991Game BoyLJN, Ltd.3.20
Talking Electric Crayon: All Dogs Go To Heaven1991CDTVMerit Software...
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure1991LynxAtari Corporation3.27
Hudson Hawk1991Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy, NES, ZX SpectrumSony Imagesoft3.03
Gremlins 2: The New Batch1991DOSHi-Tech Expressions, Inc.2.71
Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star1991PC-98, Sharp X68000Victor Musical Industries, Inc.3.83
Home Alone1991Amiga, DOSCapstone Software3.77
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure1991NESLJN, Ltd.2.82
RoboCop 21991Commodore 64, NESData East USA, Inc.2.54
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Selected Covers

RoboCop 2 Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for RoboCop 2
Hudson Hawk Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Hudson Hawk
Navy Seals Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Navy Seals

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from RoboCop 2
Screenshot from Hudson Hawk
Title screen
Screenshot from Navy Seals