Inspiration: TV series

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Games based-off of TV series and characters from those series. This can include television shows from any era including the 1950s, 1960s, and so on into present day.

  • This group does not include TV series based-off of movies, unless the game is an implementation of the changes and storyline that go into it being a series [exclusivity to the TV series should be obviously apparent].

  • Game shows are actually an attribute and should not be included here.

  • TV Movies or movies produced for a television network are not considered TV series for the purposes of this game group. They should go under the proper Movie-Inspired game group.

  • Cartoon series (animated series) also have their own group and do not belong here.
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Game TitleYearPlatformsorted in ascending orderPublisherUser Score
Ultraman Powered19943DOBandai Co., Ltd.5.00
Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire1996Macintosh, Pippin, Windows, Windows 3.xBandai Digital Entertainment Corp.4.08
Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked!2009WiiNamco Bandai Games America Inc....
Big Brother: The Game 22000WindowsSoftMACHINE Publishing International BV...
Big Brother: The Game2000WindowsInfogrames Deutschland GmbH0.00
Game Center CX: 3-chōme no Arino2014Nintendo 3DSNamco Bandai Games Inc....
Ultraman1991Arcade, Genesis, SNESBandai America, Inc.2.87
Doctor Who: TARDIS2010Macintosh, WindowsBBC2.68
Doctor Who: Blood of the Cybermen2010Macintosh, WindowsBBC3.81
Doctor Who: City of the Daleks2010Macintosh, WindowsBBC3.86
Bandit Bites2004BrowserBBC3.00
Doctor Who: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada2010Macintosh, WindowsBBC3.62
Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction2002Game Boy AdvanceBBC Multimedia1.40
Ace Lightning2002Game Boy AdvanceBBC Multimedia...
Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction2002Game Boy AdvanceBBC Multimedia2.60
Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction2001PlayStation 2, WindowsBBC Multimedia3.90
Tweenies: Game Time / Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?2003PlayStationBBC Multimedia...
Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors1997WindowsBBC Multimedia...
Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction2002Windows, XboxBBC Multimedia1.73
Doctor Who: The First Adventure1983BBC MicroBBC Software...
Doctor Who and the Warlord1985BBC MicroBBC Software...
Walking with Beasts: Operation Salvage2001WindowsBBC Worldwide Ltd....
Ace Lightning2002PlayStation 2, WindowsBBC Worldwide Ltd.3.17
Fimbles: Fimbling Fun!2003WindowsBBC Worldwide Ltd....
The Fast Show1999WindowsBBC Worldwide Ltd.4.00
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Selected Covers

Fimbles: Fimbling Fun! Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Fimbles: Fimbling Fun!
Ace Lightning Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ace Lightning
Big Brother: The Game 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Big Brother: The Game 2

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Ace Lightning
Title screen
Screenshot from Bandit Bites