J. League games

Group Description

This group includes all games which are officially licensed by the first Japanese soccer league J. League. Also allowed are unofficial games which are solely based on the J.League and associated championships. Games that include at least one J.League club belong here as well.

Many of the listed titles replaced the J. League with national teams or other leagues in non-Japanese releases.

Selected Covers

Virtual Soccer SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Virtual Soccer
Capcom's Soccer Shootout SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Capcom's Soccer Shootout
Namco Soccer: Prime Goal PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Namco Soccer: Prime Goal
Victory Goal '96 SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Victory Goal '96

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Pro Striker Perfect
Title screen
Screenshot from Virtual Soccer
Title screen.
Screenshot from Zico Soccer
Intro cutscene
Screenshot from Capcom's Soccer Shootout
Title screen (JP).
Screenshot from Namco Soccer: Prime Goal
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