Kick Off series

Group Description

A series of action-orientated football (soccer) games, created by Dino Dini and the biggest rival of the Sensible Soccer series during the 16-bit computer era. The defining attribute of the series during this time was the ability to trap the ball, as unlike most other games the ball is completely independent from the players' feet, adding a new level of skill and difficulty to gameplay.

After the many versions of the second game, further games were designed by Steve Screech, who made crucial changes in how the game played, including the (inevitable) change from sprites to multi-camera 3D graphics, but without regaining the popularity enjoyed until the early 90s.

Selected Covers

Kick Off 96 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Kick Off 96
Kick Off 2002 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kick Off 2002
Kick Off Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Kick Off
Kick Off World PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Kick Off World

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Kick Off 96
Main Menu
Screenshot from Kick Off 2002
Penalty Practise
Screenshot from Kick Off
ANCO will protect our Planet Earth.
Screenshot from Kick Off World
Title Screen
Screenshot from Kick Off: Extra Time
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