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The King's Bounty games are fantasy-strategy games with RPG elements similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic games‚ but there are a couple of differences.

In King's Bounty, the player can only control one hero (which is also the main character of the game) with a limited number of creatures (this number is based upon the leadership ability of the hero). There is no resource harvesting and no city development. The necessary gold is obtained by gathering gold, slaying monsters and completing quests.

The game has a real-time part, where the player travels over the adventure map and visit various places, and the turn-based combat part. Within the combat the player can use, beside his army, a spellbook and an ally (e.g. a wrath of fury or a pet dragon) once per round. On the battlefield there are obstacles but also collectible treasures and neutral damage dealers.

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King's Bounty: Dark Side Windows Front Cover
Front cover for King's Bounty: Dark Side

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Main title
Screenshot from King's Bounty: Dark Side
Title Screen
Screenshot from King's Bounty
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