Laxius Power series

Group Description

Laxius Power started as a freeware game in 2001 and evolved as a commercial game with the release of Laxius Force in 2008. Aldorlea Games, owner of the intellectual property, plans to release a new trilogy in the future, called Laxius S. (the S word hasn't been revealed yet).

Selected Covers

3 Stars of Destiny Windows Front Cover
Front cover for 3 Stars of Destiny
Laxius Force II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Laxius Force II
Laxius Force Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Laxius Force

Selected Screenshots

Random explores the basement of a secret church
Screenshot from Laxius Power II
The beauty called Luciana
Screenshot from 3 Stars of Destiny
The Mosquito Swamp
Screenshot from Laxius Power III
The frightening Evil Tower, home of the Dark Order
Screenshot from Laxius Power
Heroes of Laxius Force II
Screenshot from Laxius Force II
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