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Legend of Heroes (Japanese: Eiyū Densetsu, 英雄伝説) is a spin-off RPG series within the Dragon Slayer universe. Unlike most other Dragon Slayer games, the installments of the series have turn-based combat. The first game, Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (1989), is notable for being among the first Japanese-style turn-based RPGs with visible enemies and non-random battles.


As of 2007, the series can be divided into three unrelated sagas: the Iselfarsa saga (The Legend of Heroes and The Legend of Heroes II), the Gagharv trilogy (Akai Shizuku (which takes place in Gagharv Year 936), the fifth installment Umi no Oriuta (GY 943) and Shiroki Majo (GY 992)) and the Sora no Kiseki trilogy (Trails in the Sky).

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