Lemmings variants

Group Description

Games whose core gameplay attributes parallel those established in DMA's blockbuster Lemmings -- giving jobs to little creatures navigating a hazardous 2D environment that requires deformation in order to reach an exit.

Selected Covers

Humans 1 and 2 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Humans 1 and 2
Pakoon III: First Blood Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Pakoon III: First Blood
DHTML Lemmings Browser Front Cover
Front cover for DHTML Lemmings
Diggers & Oscar Amiga CD32 Front Cover
Front cover for Diggers & Oscar
Dinosaur'Us Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dinosaur'Us

Selected Screenshots

Title screen ( a falling stream builds the logo )
Screenshot from H2O
title screen
Screenshot from Lamers
Pre-title screen
Screenshot from Humans 1 and 2
Main menu
Screenshot from Pakoon III: First Blood
Start screen
Screenshot from DHTML Lemmings
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