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Long running series of user-friendly game design toolkits produced by ASCII Corporation (later Enterbain). RPG Maker (RPG Tsukuru) is the flagship series, which allows the user to create simple Japanese-style RPGs, but also includes a number of tools for other genres such as Fighter Maker (3D Kakuto Tsukuru). The Japanese name for the series is a play on the Japanese word "tsukuru" ("to make") and the English word "tool".

Selected Covers

RPG Maker PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for RPG Maker
RPG Maker 3 PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for RPG Maker 3
Simulation RPG Tsukuru PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Simulation RPG Tsukuru

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from RPG Maker
Title screen
Screenshot from 3D Shooting Tsukuru
Title screen
Screenshot from Simulation RPG Tsukuru
Sample editor view of a map with a rural town.
Screenshot from RPG Maker XP
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