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Mastermind variants

Group Description

Games featuring gameplay similar to that of the code-breaking board game Mastermind.

Selected Covers

Miss Mind II: Ania Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Miss Mind II: Ania
Mastermind iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for Mastermind
Alpine Tram Ride DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Alpine Tram Ride
Word Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Word Games

Selected Screenshots

A fresh game. No guesses have yet been made.
Screenshot from Master Mind
Main menu
Screenshot from Games Explosion!
The start of a game. The player drags balls into the four vacant cells and then makes a guess. It is possible to re-use the same colour more than once in a sequence
Screenshot from Deductive Logic
Loading screen
Screenshot from Hoyle Board Games 2001
Title screen
Screenshot from Master Mind