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Max Payne series

Group Description

Max Payne is a series of third-person shooters initially created by the Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment. The games follow an overarching story seen from the point of view of the titular character, a former New York police officer on a quest for justice and revenge against criminals who have brutally murdered his wife and newborn daughter.

The games are notable for their gritty film noir-like style, cinematography inspired by Hong-Kong action movies, graphic novel panels with voice-overs as story-advancing cutscenes, and a gameplay feature known as Bullet Time, reminiscent of the slow-motion action scenes popularized by The Matrix.

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Selected Covers

Max Payne 3 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Max Payne 3
Max Payne Complete Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Max Payne Complete
Max Payne PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Max Payne

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Max Payne 3
Main Menu
Screenshot from Max Payne
Main menu.
Screenshot from Max Payne