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Maxis Sim series

Group Description

Coined by Maxis with SimCity in 1989, this group contains any game by the company that bears the Sim prefix. Sim- games are mostly managerial simulations.

Maxis was acquired by Electronic Arts in the late 1990s, and due to the success of the series, especially with The Sims, EA created an entire studio/label for the franchise in June 2007: Sims Studio, lead by Rod Humble.

Selected Covers

SimAnimals Wii Front Cover
Front cover for SimAnimals
SimCity Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for SimCity
The Sims 3 Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for The Sims 3

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from The Sims 3
Loading screen.
Screenshot from SimCity Social
Main Menu
Screenshot from SimCity
Loading screen.
Screenshot from The Sims Social
Title screen.
Screenshot from SimCity Deluxe