Metaltech / Earthsiege series

Group Description

Metaltech/EarthSiege is a series of mech simulation games, the foundation of a larger fictional universe also featuring strategy and first-person shooter titles. Only the first games in the mech series featured the Metaltech name, possibly due to similarities to FASA's BattleTech. Besides the single-player story-based EarthSiege games (Starsiege's working title was EarthSiege 3), the series includes the multi-player focused Battledrome.

Selected Covers

Starsiege Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Starsiege
Metaltech: EarthSiege DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Metaltech: EarthSiege
EarthSiege 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for EarthSiege 2

Selected Screenshots

Cybrid HERCs at night
Screenshot from Starsiege
Title screen
Screenshot from Metaltech: EarthSiege
Badly Damaged - internal view
Screenshot from EarthSiege 2
Developer's logo
Screenshot from Metaltech: Battledrome