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Metaltech / Tribes universe

Group Description

This group includes all games set in the fictional futuristic universe shared, among others, by Earthsiege, Starsiege, and Tribes games. The first game set in this universe was Metaltech: Earthsiege (1994). The games set in this universe belong to different genres, most prominently battlemech vehicle simulations and first-person shooters. All the games feature battlemechs as a key gameplay element.

The overarching background story of the series begin in the year 2471, when the scientist Solomon Petresun invented the first "cybrid", bio-cybernetic artificial intelligence known as Prometheus, and extends to the 40th century. The cybrids were mass-produced and used as slaves for humanity; however, under the leadership of Prometheus, they rebelled against the humans, which led to a global war, during which the very existence of the Earth was threatened. To counter that, Petresun, who became technically immortal, proclaimed himself the Emperor of Mankind, uniting the Terran forces to combat the cybrids. However, human colonies on other planets were ruthlessly exploited by the Empire, which led to their resistance. The Great Human Empire eventually expanded beyond the Solar System, in constant struggle against outcasts which, in their turn, divided into several Tribes fighting for dominance.

Selected Covers

Starsiege Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Starsiege
Tribes: Ascend Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Tribes: Ascend
Starsiege: Tribes Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Starsiege: Tribes

Selected Screenshots

Cybrid HERCs at night
Screenshot from Starsiege
Main menu.
Screenshot from Tribes: Ascend
Screenshot from Starsiege: Tribes
Battle in the intro movie
Screenshot from Tribes: Aerial Assault