Middleware: Beast

Group Description

Games using a version of the Beast software by Autodesk. It is a set of tools for creating realistic lighting in games. With Beast, developers can simulate natural lighting effects: color bounce, soft shadows, high dynamic range lighting, and lighting of moving objects in real-time game environments.

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Selected Covers

Star Trek PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Star Trek
WRC Powerslide Windows Front Cover
Front cover for WRC Powerslide
Mortal Kombat X Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Mortal Kombat X
BioShock Infinite Linux Front Cover 2nd version
Front cover for BioShock Infinite
ZombiU Wii U Front Cover
Front cover for ZombiU

Selected Screenshots

Main title.
Screenshot from Star Trek
Title screen
Screenshot from WRC Powerslide
Sub-Zero's victory pose.
Screenshot from Mortal Kombat X
Start screen
Screenshot from BioShock Infinite
Title Screen
Screenshot from ZombiU