Middleware: SDL

Group Description

Games that use the very portable Simple DirectMedia Layer.

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Selected Covers

Cytadela Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Cytadela
Shadowgrounds Survivor Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Shadowgrounds Survivor
H-Craft Championship Linux Front Cover
Front cover for H-Craft Championship
BoxWorld 2 Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for BoxWorld 2
1000 Amps Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for 1000 Amps

Selected Screenshots

Game story - taken from original Amiga version
Screenshot from Cytadela
Main Menu
Screenshot from Shadowgrounds Survivor
Title screen
Screenshot from Planet of the Jellies
Main game screen
Screenshot from The Muncher's Labyrinth
Our 'charming' hero Richard (who also happens to be the first name of guy who made the game...)
Screenshot from Fuck Quest
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