Middleware: SpeedTree

Group Description

Games using the procedural tree modeling package SpeedTree by IDV. This middleware can be used to draw unique 3D trees with wind physics, static and dynamic lighting algorithms, and seamless LOD transitions. It can be used as a 3ds Max plug-in or a C++ API.

Selected Covers

World in Conflict Windows Front Cover
Front cover for World in Conflict
Whirlwind over Vietnam Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Whirlwind over Vietnam
Wildlife Zoo Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Wildlife Zoo
Watch_Dogs 2 Xbox One Front Cover
Front cover for Watch_Dogs 2

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from World in Conflict
Intro starts
Screenshot from Wildlife Zoo
The intro of which I honestly didn't understand that much.
Screenshot from Way of the Samurai 3
Title screen and main menu
Screenshot from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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