Moorhuhn / Crazy Chicken variants

Group Description

Games which closely follow the gameplay of the early Moorhuhn series: The player has a fixed position and can rotate 360°. Animals or other objects to shoot appear and disappear at the screen and shooting them rewards points and possibly power ups. There is a time limit and the goal is to get as many points as possible.

In Germany the first Moorhuhn game was very popular in 1999 and and naturally a lot of successors and similar games were released.

The game needs to follow the above described gameplay principle closely to be accepted in this group. Games with Rail Shooter segments - which the German gaming press likes to call "Moorhuhn sequences" - or similar mini games are not the focus of this group.

Selected Covers

Jagd auf die Vogelgrippe Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Jagd auf die Vogelgrippe
Crazy Chicken X Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy Chicken X
Crazy Chicken: Invasion Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy Chicken: Invasion

Selected Screenshots

Main menu (demo version)
Screenshot from Jagd auf die Vogelgrippe
Starting window
Screenshot from BufoStorch
Part of the intro screen
Screenshot from Crazy Chicken: Wanted
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