Moorhuhn / Crazy Chicken variants

Group Description

Games which closely follow the gameplay of the early Moorhuhn series: The player has a fixed position and can rotate 360°. Animals or other objects to shoot appear and disappear at the screen and shooting them rewards points and possibly power ups. There is a time limit and the goal is to get as many points as possible.

In Germany the first Moorhuhn game was very popular in 1999 and and naturally a lot of successors and similar games were released.

The game needs to follow the above described gameplay principle closely to be accepted in this group. Games with Rail Shooter segments - which the German gaming press likes to call "Moorhuhn sequences" - or similar mini games are not the focus of this group.

Selected Covers

Crazy Chicken Wanted Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy Chicken Wanted
Killerhuhn 3D Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Killerhuhn 3D
Crazy Chicken Pirates Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy Chicken Pirates
Crazy Chicken Invasion Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crazy Chicken Invasion

Selected Screenshots

Part of the intro screen
Screenshot from Crazy Chicken Wanted
The intro animation tells the story of a one peaceful Caribbean island, until pirates came there ...
Screenshot from Crazy Chicken Pirates
Main Menu (demo version)
Screenshot from Hühner Frikassee