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Multiple-choice games

Group Description

Multiple-choice games (or MCGs) are simulators which take their user input from multiple-choice menus, typically presenting information to the player in plain text. They differ from straight hyperfiction (as at Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games) in that while those games present nothing but narrative forks, MCGs do accounting in the background (inventory management, statistics management, time tracking, combat management, variable randomization) using additional sophistication introduced to the hyperfiction model by gamebooks.

More games of this type can also be found in the ChoiceScript group.

Selected Covers

The Trainer Browser Front Cover
Front cover for The Trainer
The Yawhg Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Yawhg
The Early Years Browser Front Cover
Front cover for The Early Years
Academagia Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Academagia

Selected Screenshots

Title screen, introduction
Screenshot from Braminar
Start of the game
Screenshot from The Trainer
The title screen.
Screenshot from The Yawhg