Non-traditional Westerns

Group Description

The 1981 movie Outland was pitched to its producers very simply: "It's High Noon in outer space." At its heart it was still a Western but it incorporated new elements into what was a very traditional genre. If it had been made into a game, that game would probably belong in this group, where other genre-blending, mashing-up hybrids and re-situating alternate takes on the Old West cowboy milieu can be found.

Selected Covers

Alone in the Dark 3 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Alone in the Dark 3
Maverick Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Maverick
Trials Frontier Android Front Cover
Front cover for Trials Frontier

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Alone in the Dark 3
Beginning of the game
Screenshot from Maverick
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Blood Bros.
The downloaded files are verified before you can start the game.
Screenshot from Trials Frontier