One-button games

Group Description

Games that only use one button for all input. Generally, these are game where the player repeatedly has to press a single button over and over again. Games that uses a joystick in addition to a single button are not included, and neither are games that uses mouse movement as an input option.

Selected Covers

Extreme Skill Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Extreme Skill
Arctic Blue Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Arctic Blue
The Blitz Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for The Blitz
AWOL Browser Front Cover
Front cover for AWOL
1Key Rocket Launcher Windows Front Cover
Front cover for 1Key Rocket Launcher

Selected Screenshots

The title screen and short introduction
Screenshot from Blitz 64
Title screen
Screenshot from Arctic Blue
Running along...
Screenshot from Fire Hoops
Introduction screen
Screenshot from Bonzo!
Title screen (Trial version)
Screenshot from The Blitz
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