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Panel de Pon/Puzzle League games

Group Description

A series of puzzle games developed by Intelligent Systems. In these games, players move blocks around the game area to make matches. A good example of a Panel de Pon/Puzzle League game is Tetris Attack. Panel de Pon is often shortened to Panepon in Japanese.

Selected Covers

Tetris Attack Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Tetris Attack
Pokémon Puzzle League Nintendo 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Pokémon Puzzle League
Puzzle League Express Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Front cover for Puzzle League Express
Panel de Pon SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Panel de Pon

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Tetris Attack
Title screen
Screenshot from Pokémon Puzzle League
Title Screen (Translation)
Screenshot from Panel de Pon