Paws & Claws series

Group Description

A US series of veterinary, animal care and horse racing games, aimed at children and published by THQ and its ValuSoft division.

All of these games were originally foreign titles, mainly from Germany by studios such as Radon Labs GmbH, Independent Arts Software GmbH and Sproing Interactive Media GmbH. They were localized in English and re-branded for the US market.

They should not be confused with the Pet Vet 3D series or titles from Ubisoft's Imagine series.

Selected Covers

Paws & Claws: Pet Vet Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Paws & Claws: Pet Vet

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu.
Screenshot from Paws & Claws: Pet Vet
Main menu of the game
Screenshot from Paws & Claws: Pet Resort
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