Peanuts licensees

Group Description

Games using the art style, characters and/or elements from the universe of the Peanuts comic strip, a syndicated daily and Sunday comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, which ran from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000. Major characters include Woodstock, Snoopy, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, Sally Brown, Marcie, and Charlie Brown. This group only includes officially licensed games.

Selected Covers

Snoopy's Game Club DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Snoopy's Game Club

Selected Screenshots

Title screen (MCGA/VGA)
Screenshot from Snoopy's Game Club
Game selection
Screenshot from Yearn2Learn: Peanuts
Game group created by Sciere (446072), additional games added to group by Isaac Viana Tapias (2), mikebo (88), リカルド・フィリペ (77063), Victor Vance (7795), firefang9212 (17014), Alaka (45780), Jeanne (75340) and Big John WV (25473)