Pengo variants

Group Description

Games based on or inspired by Coreland's arcade game, Pengo, where the main character moves around blocks to squash or trap enemies.

Selected Covers

Pengo Atari 5200 Front Cover
Front cover for Pengo
Pengon Atari 8-bit Front Cover
Front cover for Pengon
Kwik Snax DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Kwik Snax
Eskimo Eddie ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Eskimo Eddie
Percy Penguin BBC Micro Front Cover
Front cover for Percy Penguin

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen.
Screenshot from Petch
Atari logo and game title
Screenshot from Pengo
You have to stare at this little boy for a few minutes while the cassette loads
Screenshot from Pengon
Title screen
Screenshot from Poizone
Title and introduction (VGA)
Screenshot from Kwik Snax
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