Physical Bonus Content: Audio Drama

Group Description

Games which include physical audio drama or audio book on a CD, cassette or other media as a part of the package, not as a bonus due to pre-order or purchase from some place.

Drama discs are most common with visual novel games, and often feature additional stories by the same voice-actors from the game, either to expand the game story, or serve as a prequel to it.

In older days, audio books were released on cassettes with a similar purpose (i.e. "Loom" (1990) game).

Either cassette or a CD must be listenable on a cassette player or on a computer if it is presented as a digital content in MP3 or other audio format which, as long as it is not downloadable. Downloadable audio dramas do not count as a physical bonus content and should not be part of this group.

Selected Covers

Kaze no Uta Dreamcast Front Cover
Front cover for Kaze no Uta

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Main menu
Screenshot from Kaze no Uta
Lucasfilm company logo (EGA)
Screenshot from Loom
Main menu.
Screenshot from True Tears
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