Physics Engine: Meqon

Group Description

Games using a version of the Meqon physics engine by Meqon Research AB to emulate dynamic and unscripted physics. In Sept. 2005, Meqon Research was acquired by AGEIA Technologies and their physics technology was incorporated into the AGEIA PhysX SDK engine.

Selected Covers

StateShift PSP Front Cover
Front cover for StateShift
Shade: Wrath of Angels Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Shade: Wrath of Angels
Neuro Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Neuro

Selected Screenshots

Scene from the introduction
Screenshot from StateShift
Get out!
Screenshot from Shade: Wrath of Angels
Title screen
Screenshot from Neuro
Game group created by Sciere (506101), additional games added to group by MtFR (2181) and Kabushi (200315)