Physics Engine: Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)

Group Description

Games using the Open Dynamics Engine to simulate realistic physics in games. It consists of a rigid body dynamics simulation engine and a collision detection engine. ODE is free software licensed both under the BSD license and the LGPL. The engine was started in 2001.

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Selected Covers

Hellforces Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hellforces
ÜberSoldier Windows Front Cover
Front cover for ÜberSoldier
Taxi 3: Extreme Rush Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Taxi 3: Extreme Rush
GripShift PSP Front Cover
Front cover for GripShift

Selected Screenshots

Interrogation (introduction)
Screenshot from Hellforces
Main menu
Screenshot from Shanghai Street Racer
Main title screen
Screenshot from Ragdoll Matrix
Main menu
Screenshot from ÜberSoldier
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