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Games using a version of the PhysX engine (formerly named Novodex) by AGEIA Technologies, Inc. to emulate dynamic and unscripted physics. It is an asynchronous multi-threaded physics API taking advantage of multiprocessor gaming systems, but also specifically designed for the PhysX Accelerator add-in card, a hardware physics processing unit.

In February 2008 nVidia Corporation signed a definitive agreement to acquire AGEIA Technologies, Inc. and the graphics card manufacturer now owns the company and its technology.

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Game TitleYearPlatformPublishersorted in ascending orderUser Score
Shadowgrounds: Survivor2007Linux, Macintosh, WindowsMeridian4, Inc.3.22
Sanctum2011Macintosh, WindowsCoffee Stain Studios AB3.24
Medal of Honor: Airborne2007PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Electronic Arts, Inc.3.25
American McGee's Grimm: Cinderella2008WindowsGameTap LLC...
Turok2008PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Touchstone3.26
Zombie Driver2009WindowsAkella3.28
American McGee's Grimm: King Midas2008WindowsGameTap LLC...
Rise of the Argonauts2008PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360ak tronic Software & Services GmbH3.28
Warfare2008Windowsrondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH...
Moonbase Alpha2010WindowsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration...
Saw2009PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.3.29
Octodad2010Macintosh, WindowsDePaul Game Experience...
League of Legends2009Macintosh, WindowsRiot Games, Inc.3.31
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 22007WindowsUbisoft, Inc....
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened2006iPad, WindowsCDV Software Entertainment USA, Inc.3.33
Darkspore2011WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc....
Fritz 9: Play Chess2005WindowsViva Media, LLC...
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy2008PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Sierra Entertainment, Inc.3.35
Hunted: The Demon's Forge2011PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Bethesda Softworks LLC3.35
ReCore2016Windows Apps, Xbox OneMicrosoft Studios...
Army of Two2008PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Electronic Arts, Inc.3.36
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli2008PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, WiiSystem 3 Software Ltd.3.37
Bionic Commando2009PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Capcom Entertainment, Inc.3.37
Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis2007WindowsThe Adventure Company3.37
Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport2005WindowsDigital Jesters Ltd.3.37
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Selected Covers

Bionic Commando Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bionic Commando
Sanctum Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Sanctum
Moonbase Alpha Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Moonbase Alpha

Selected Screenshots

Menu Screen
Screenshot from Octodad
Main Menu
Screenshot from Bionic Commando
Title screen
Screenshot from Sanctum
Main menu
Screenshot from Moonbase Alpha
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