PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits releases

Group Description

Games available for the Playstation 2 which have been re-released in "Greatest Hits" packages. These are usually represented by a red bar along the top of the package and a "Greatest Hits" subtitle underneath the bar". The criteria for being a Greatest Hits title is that the game must have been on the market for a minimum of 9 months, and have sold over 400,000 copies. Greatest Hits Editions are usually budget priced.

Selected Covers

Myst III: Exile Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Myst III: Exile
The Sims Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Sims

Selected Screenshots

Catherine and child
Screenshot from Myst III: Exile
Create a Sim: Punk Granny
Screenshot from The Sims
Title screen.
Screenshot from SSX
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