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Games in which a barbarian is the main protagonist. Historically, the term barbarian was used to identify uncivilized cultures in the classical world, other than the Romans or the Greeks, usually referring to the Persians, Germanic and Celtic nations, as well as tribes occupying today's Eastern Europe.

Although the term barbarian itself in many languages is used to refer to what is perceived as a nation with a low cultural level, this game group is limited to the original Greco-Roman use, referring to protagonists with long (and obviously un-shampooed) hair, leather/animal skin type clothing, usually wielding an over-sized sword, club, or very mean looking axe, possibly capable or speaking German or French, with a slight Russian accent. Conan the Barbarian would be a fitting example in this regard.

Not to be confused with Protagonist: Caveman.

  • Some games may allow the player to choose a protagonist belonging to the barbarian class. These games should not be included unless a barbarian is the only selectable protagonist.

  • Vikings are usually not classified as barbarians. Thus, they should be excluded from this game group.
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