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This game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or protagonist is an elf, usually by definition identified explicitly within the game or may have reasonable similarities to assert that the character is an elf.

Traditionally, elves (plural) refer to a fantasy or supernatural being originating from European, specifically Germanic and Nordic mythology and folklore, with later adaptations from (but not limited to) the British Isles. The fantasy and high fantasy genre which for the most part influenced the identity of elves in games, were popularized by J. R. R. Tolkien's books which in turn influenced many other fantasy gaming systems, such as Dungeons & Dragons, usually as an optional race from a selection of various races.

Elves today however, usually refer to pop culture references derivative of the aforementioned mythology, folklore, and predominately fantasy fiction. These elves may include some of the following characteristics (specifications may vary):
  • Physical characteristics may include:
    • Pointed ears, a characteristic usually found in fairy folk or other supernatural/magical creatures similar to humanoids. In Japanese popular culture, the size of the ears may be exceedingly grown or noticeably large.
    • A tall and often lean posture, sometimes taller than 190 cm in height. Sometimes also identified to be less muscular than the average humanoid (an elf bouncer is not a common occupation).
    • A fairly pale or sometimes greenish complexion, depending on the race of the elf in mention.
    • Long hair, supported by the noticeably lack of salons and barbershops in their villages. Curly or bald elves are also usually a rare occurrence.

  • Primarily live in forests (sub-race depending), whilst being a secretive and closed society to outsiders. Their primary economy usually involves nature-based products or metal products unique to the elven race.

  • Longevity or even immortality, a natural consequence of being a supernatural or magical creature. Their average lifespan usually far exceeds the normal life expectancy of humans, usually by hundreds if not thousands of years.

  • Possess natural acuteness with magic, which usually identifies them as mages or similar classes involved with magic. In addition to magic, they are also identified as having higher than average agility and dexterity (read=fast and accurate) as well as having weapons skills mastery, particularly in archery.
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