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Protagonist: Female

Group Description

Games in which the main or major playable character (main protagonist) of the game is a female in gender (heroine).

  • Games which allow the player to select from multiple characters should be excluded from this group, except under the rare circumstance where all selections are female.

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Game TitleYearPlatformPublishersorted in ascending orderUser Score
The Mirror Mysteries2009Android, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, WindowsAkella3.92
Flying Red Barrel ~Diary of a Little Aviator~2012WindowsRockin' Android, Inc3.92
The Clockwork Man2009Linux, Macintosh, WindowsGameHouse, Inc.3.92
EVE Burst Error Plus2003PlayStation 2Game Village3.92
Burning Angels1990TurboGrafx-16Naxat Soft3.92
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten2012Linux, Macintosh, WindowsLevel Up Labs, LLC 3.92
Hello Kitty World1992NESCharacter Soft3.92
The Rockin' Dead2011WindowsbitComposer Games GmbH3.92
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 1: The Hangman2012iPad, Macintosh, WindowsPhoenix Online Studios LLC3.92
Alien³1993SNESLJN, Ltd.3.93
Seal of Evil2004WindowsStrategy First, Inc.3.93
Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch2004WindowsHer Interactive, Inc.3.93
Cops 2170: The Power of Law2004WindowsStrategy First, Inc.3.93
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 3: The Oracle2013Macintosh, WindowsPhoenix Online Studios LLC3.93
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella1988Amiga, Apple II, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, DOSSierra On-Line, Inc.3.93
Alisia Dragoon1992GenesisSEGA of America, Inc.3.93
Nightshade2003PlayStation 2SEGA of America, Inc.3.94
Yume Nikki2004Windows3.94
Koudelka1999PlayStationInfogrames, Inc.3.94
Vib-Ribbon1999PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS VitaSony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.3.94
Malice2004PlayStation 2, XboxMud Duck Productions3.94
Snowball1983Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, BBC Micro, Camputers Lynx, Commodore 64, Enterprise, Memotech MTX, MSX, Nascom, Oric, ZX SpectrumLevel 9 Computing, Ltd.3.94
The Quest for the Time-Bird1989Amiga, Atari ST, DOSInfogrames Europe SA3.94
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly2003PlayStation 2, XboxTecmo, Inc.3.94
Tomb Raider2000Game Boy ColorEidos Interactive Ltd.3.94
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Alisia Dragoon Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Alisia Dragoon
Nightshade PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Nightshade
EVE Burst Error Plus PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for EVE Burst Error Plus

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Title screen
Screenshot from Alisia Dragoon
Title Screen
Screenshot from AlienĀ³