Rubik's Cube games

Group Description

Games based on the Rubik's Cube toy, created by Ernõ Rubik, in any of its variations.


Cancelled Atari 2600 game

In 1982 Atari planned to release a game titled 3-D Rubik's Cube but ultimately decided against releasing it.

Selected Covers

Rubik's World Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Rubik's World
Atari Video Cube Atari 2600 Front Cover
Front cover for Atari Video Cube
Rubik's Bloxx Twister J2ME Front Cover
Front cover for Rubik's Bloxx Twister
Video Cube: Space Windows 3.x Front Cover
Front cover for Video Cube: Space
Rubik's Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Rubik's Games

Selected Screenshots

Title and main menu
Screenshot from Color Cubes
Title screen
Screenshot from Atari Video Cube
Title screen
Screenshot from Rubik's Bloxx Twister
The title screen. The game pauses here waiting for a user id. After this comes an animated introduction
Screenshot from Video Cube: Space
Main menu
Screenshot from Rubik's Numbolution
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