Sabreman series

Group Description

Games following the story of Ultimate's Sabreman.

Cancelled games

A fifth Spectrum game called Mire Mare, which was already hinted at in Underwurlde and Pentagram, was cancelled. There are some theories that is was already finished and only cancelled because the Ultimate leadership was unsatisfied with US Gold's (which purchased the Ultimate rights in 1985) release policy, but according to official sources they only finished the basic design. It is also known that the game would have returned to the graphics style of Underwurlde.

Another game called Sabreman Stampede was in development for some time. Supposedly it was built from the cancelled GameCube Donkey Kong Racing (successor to Diddy Kong Racing) as a Xbox racing game and later became a Xbox 360 action-adventure. More information can be found on the Rare fansite MundoRare.

Selected Covers

Sabre Wulf Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Sabre Wulf
Underwurlde ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Underwurlde
Knight Lore Remake MSX Front Cover
Front cover for Knight Lore Remake
Sabre Wulf Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Sabre Wulf
Knight Lore Amstrad CPC Front Cover
Front cover for Knight Lore

Selected Screenshots

Loading screen
Screenshot from Sabre Wulf
Loading screen
Screenshot from Underwurlde
Title screen
Screenshot from Knight Lore Remake
Title screen
Screenshot from Pentagram
Title Screen
Screenshot from Sabre Wulf