Satakore (SegaSaturn Collection) releases

Group Description

Top selling and popular games for the Sega Saturn platform which have been re-released under the "Satakore" label in Japan for a lower price. These games can be distinguished by a red band on the left side of the front cover instead of the usual gold band. Also the text SEGASATURN COLLECTION is written on the top part of the front cover.

Selected Covers

Virtua Fighter 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Virtua Fighter 2
Sakura Taisen SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Sakura Taisen
Baku Baku Animal Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Baku Baku Animal

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Virtua Fighter 2
Title screen
Screenshot from Sakura Taisen
Screenshot from Baku Baku Animal
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