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This group includes games set in the time period in Chinese history between ca. 168 A.D and 280 A.D., known as the Three Kingdoms era (simplified Chinese: 三国). It began after the decline and fall of the Han Dynasty after the Yellow Turban Rebellion, and ended with the destruction of the Wei kingdom which later became the Jin Dynasty. The three kingdoms refer to Shu (in today's Sichuan province), initially ruled by Liu Bei and later led by the renowned strategist Zhuge Liang; Wei (Northern China), ruled by Cao Cao and his sons; and Wu (South-East China), ruled by the Sun family.

The historical events of the era were later depicted in the novel Sanguo Yanyi (三国演义, Romance of the Three Kingdoms) by the 14th century Chinese writer Luo Guanzhong (simplified Chinese: 罗贯中). Many subsequent works of fiction (including video games) followed the characteristics given to the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms era in the novel. For example, they tended to portray Liu Bei and other leaders of the Shu kingdom as the positive heroes, while Cao Cao was regarded as the main antagonist.

In South East Asia, the translation Samkok of the Hokkian dialect is more commonly known for Three Kingdoms.

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Dynasty Warriors 4 PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Dynasty Warriors 4
Dynasty Warriors 5 PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Dynasty Warriors 5
Dynasty Warriors PlayStation Front Cover
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The kingdom selection menu.
Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors 4
You can't have a game about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period without Guan Yu.
Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors
Language selection
Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors Advance
Humble origins. The game opens up with a Chinese opera player in typical stage warrior garb. This was part of the inspiration behind the colorful and often unhistorical costumes in the game.
Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors 3
Title screen
Screenshot from Dynasty Tactics 2
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