Setting: Chinese

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Games that either take place, partially or entirely, in China or a fantasy country with a strong resemblance to China, featuring typical elements of the Chinese culture. Might contain supernatural themes, usually based on Chinese legends.

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Selected Covers

Blade & Sword Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Blade & Sword
Maken Shao: Demon Sword PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Maken Shao: Demon Sword
Xin Jianxia Qingyuan Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Xin Jianxia Qingyuan
Dynasty Warriors 3 PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Dynasty Warriors 3

Selected Screenshots

Startup Screen
Screenshot from Blade & Sword
Opening cinematic
Screenshot from Maken Shao: Demon Sword
Title screen
Screenshot from Xin Jianxia Qingyuan
Humble origins. The game opens up with a Chinese opera player in typical stage warrior garb. This was part of the inspiration behind the colorful and often unhistorical costumes in the game.
Screenshot from Dynasty Warriors 3
Title screen
Screenshot from Xuanyuan Fu Mo Lu