Setting: Destroyer / Cruiser / Carrier

Group Description

Games whose setting is entirely or in part set on-board the military class heavy ships which include destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers.

  • Setting on-board the smaller military boats such as gunships or torpedo-boats does not qualify
  • Setting on-board larger civilian and other heavy ships such as tankers do not qualify
  • Player must be able to control character or entity throughout the ship, at least partially (being just on top of the ship, like landing in an aircraft, does not count)
  • Controlling the ship or using its interior without being able to navigate through it does not qualify
  • Sail and pre-20th century ships do no fall in this category
  • If the on-board scene happens only through a cut-scene or a pre-defined path without the player being able to freely explore, the game should not be part of this group

Selected Covers

Call of Duty Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Call of Duty
Battlefield 4 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Battlefield 4

Selected Screenshots

Intro Movie
Screenshot from Call of Duty
Battlelog; main hub for both Multiplayer & single payer
Screenshot from Battlefield 4
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