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Setting: Middle East

Group Description

This group include games set in the Middle East (a geographical region that includes Western Asia and Egypt), or a fantasy environment reminiscent of common themes associated with the region's culture, in particular the time period of ca. 7th to 16th century AD, known as the Islamic Golden Age. Fantasy-themed games may often feature supernatural themes reminiscent of Arabian Nights and similar stories.

Note: Games set in ancient Egypt or a fantasy environment resembling it should be excluded from this group. Games set in Egypt are selectable for the group only if their timeline is set after the country was conquered by the Arabs in the 7th century.
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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Assassin's Creed2007PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Ubisoft, Inc.3.48
PeaceMaker2007Macintosh, WindowsImpactGames3.86
Cradle of Persia2007Macintosh, Windowsak tronic Software & Services GmbH2.74
Under Siege2006WindowsDar al Fikr0.33
The World of Prince of Persia2006WindowsCenega Poland Sp. z o.o.4.00
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones2005BlackBerry, J2MEGameloft S.A.4.44
Will of Steel2005WindowsGMX Media3.57
Prince of Persia Trilogy2005PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, WindowsAkella4.75
AirStrike II: Gulf Thunder2005WindowsDivoGames Ltd.4.00
Battles of Prince of Persia2005Nintendo DSUbisoft, Inc.3.67
Prince of Persia: Revelations2005PSPUbisoft, Inc.2.93
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones2005GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Windows, XboxUbisoft Entertainment SA3.98
Legend of Aladdin2005Browser, Macintosh, WindowsDonut Games...
Kuma\War2004WindowsKuma, LLC2.88
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within2004GameCube, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Windows, XboxUbisoft Entertainment SA3.67
Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures2004WindowsSierra Entertainment, Inc....
Alibaba and Forty Thieves2003J2MECooes Co., Ltd.3.40
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2003GameCube, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Windows, XboxUbisoft Entertainment SA3.95
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003WindowsAtari, Inc.2.25
Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad2003GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, XboxGotham Games3.23
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2003Game Boy AdvanceUbisoft Entertainment SA3.75
The Dark Eye: Nedime - The Caliph's Daughter2003J2MEelkware GmbH4.11
Desert Thunder2003WindowsGroove Games3.00
Prince of Persia: Harem Adventures2003J2MEGameloft S.A.2.33
Prince of Persia: Special Edition2003BrowserUbisoft Entertainment SA3.33
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Desert Thunder Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Desert Thunder
PeaceMaker Macintosh Front Cover Manifesto Games release
Front cover for PeaceMaker

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Ready to play.
Screenshot from Desert Thunder
First briefing screen when playing as the Israeli Prime Minister
Screenshot from PeaceMaker