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Simple 1500 series

Group Description

D3Publisher's successful line of Japanese PlayStation budget releases, usually named something like "THE xxxx". Though most games are original creations, some of them are budget re-releases of previous full-price games, with a new "THE xxxx" name. There were a total of 104 games released under this label.

Several of them saw release in the US and EU under different names, most of them fairly late in the Playstation's life cycle.

Two complementary lines of releases were available alongside the main one. These were:
Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty, which only contained licensed games featuring the Sanrio mascot. Four games were released under this label.
Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series, which was a "utility" series label featuring non-games such as feng shui for the home, tarot fortune telling and more. There were 18 releases made under this label.

Be careful not to confuse Simple 1500 releases with SuperLite 1500 releases. Also don't confuse it with the more recent Simple 2000 series, which only consists of PlayStation 2 games.
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RC de GO! PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for RC de GO!
Kickboxing  PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Kickboxing
Aces of the Air PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Aces of the Air
Snowboarding  PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Snowboarding

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Title screen
Screenshot from Power Shovel
Title screen
Screenshot from RC de GO!
Screenshot from Aces of the Air