Slot Machine games

Group Description

A slot machine is a casino gambling game where the player spins three or more reels by pushing a button with the aim of getting a pattern of symbols to match. The machines are also known as fruit machines, one-armed bandits, slots, poker machines or pokies.

This group is for games that are entirely about the slot machine and does not include general casino games that also contain other games such as cards, craps and roulette

Selected Covers

Fruit Machin€ Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Fruit Machin€
Western Slots Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Western Slots
Big Fish Casino Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Big Fish Casino
Showbiz Slots II Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Showbiz Slots II
Battle Slots RPG Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Battle Slots RPG

Selected Screenshots

The initial game screen. The game does not start until the player selects a stake
Screenshot from Western Slots
Loading screen
Screenshot from Big Fish Casino
I'm betting the maximum.
Screenshot from Showbiz Slots II
Main menu
Screenshot from Battle Slots RPG
Our story begins at a regular farm in rural Smalltown.
Screenshot from Showbiz Slots