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Soko-Ban variants

Group Description

This group is for strategic puzzle games inspired by Soko-ban, where you have to move crates to defined positions on the map; or sometimes to reach an exit. See also Sōkoban series.

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Selected Covers

Captain Gather Atari 8-bit Front Cover
Front cover for Captain Gather
Kwirk Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Kwirk
SoKoStaTioN3 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for SoKoStaTioN3
Block-O-Mania DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Block-O-Mania
Coconuts Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Coconuts

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Captain Gather
The opening screen
Screenshot from Soko-Sex
Title screen
Screenshot from Kwirk
Level 1 (2D-Mode)
Screenshot from SoKoStaTioN3
A simple puzzle.
Screenshot from Block-O-Mania
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