Star Trek variants

Group Description

During the 1970s, an ASCII graphic game called "Star Trek" (sometimes refered to as "Star Trek Text Game") began appearing on college mainframes. The game is generally attributed to Mike Mayfield.

The goal of this game was to pilot a starship, inputting different coordinates and speed in order to defeat an armada of Klingons. Because of its popularity, it has been cloned and adapted several times, notably with later versions displaying a GUI mapping system.

For more information, refer to Wikipedia's article on the subject.

Selected Covers

Galactic Patrol  ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Galactic Patrol
Vagan Attack ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Vagan Attack
Space Guardian DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Space Guardian

Selected Screenshots

Ingame screenshot
Screenshot from NewTrek
Title screen
Screenshot from Galaxy Trek
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Super Programs 8
The start of the game and some basic set up questions
Screenshot from Tommy's Trek
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