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The Sumer Game variants

Group Description

The Sumer Game was written in 1968 in the FOCAL programming language for the DEC PDP-8 by Doug Dyment. It was later converted to BASIC by David H. Ahl and spread to a variety of systems and spawned a number of different implementations.

The BASIC version is better known as Hammurabi (or Hamurabi as it's often known as due to file name limits).

In the game the player plays a king that must feed his subjects for a number of years. Each year the player must buy land, sow grain and distribute it to the subjects.

This group is both for direct conversions of the initial game, or games that expand on its basic premise.

Selected Covers

Hamurabi iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for Hamurabi

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Kingdom
Introduction screen
Screenshot from Picture Kingdom
Start screen, native WinDOS version
Screenshot from Hamurabi