Tangram games

Group Description

Games which feature the Chinese dissection puzzle known as Tangram. A Tangram set consists in 7 poligonal pieces, called tans, which must all be arranged to form specific forms, without overlaping.

Selected Covers

NEVES Plus Wii Front Cover
Front cover for NEVES Plus
1001 Tangram Puzzles  Windows Front Cover Amazon.com
Front cover for 1001 Tangram Puzzles
Fatty Bear's FunPack DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Fatty Bear's FunPack
Tangrams Deluxe Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Tangrams Deluxe

Selected Screenshots

The game loads displaying a random puzzle. The tiles needed to complete it are neatly tucked away in the corners. The dice icon on the right selecta another random puzzle
Screenshot from 1001 Tangram Puzzles
A puzzle in progress.
Screenshot from Hands On! Tangrams
Screenshot from Fatty Bear's FunPack
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