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Games featuring depictions of Edgar Rice Burroughs' white vine-swinging jungle king -- most recently as interpreted by a Disney animated feature film.


Cancelled Atari 2600 game

A game titled Tarzan, which was developed by James Wickstead Design Associates, was set to be published by Coleco in 1983, but was ultimately canceled despite the game itself being completely finished. The cancellation was due to the game requiring a special chip for extra memory.

Selected Covers

Disney's Tarzan Untamed PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Disney's Tarzan Untamed
Disney's Tarzan Game Boy Color Front Cover
Front cover for Disney's Tarzan
Disney's Tarzan Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Disney's Tarzan

Selected Screenshots

Title and Options
Screenshot from Tarzan Goes Ape!
Title screen
Screenshot from Disney's Tarzan
Title/Menu Screen
Screenshot from Disney's Tarzan
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