Tetris variants

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Tetris was the original falling block puzzle game and therefore any such game can be considered a variant of Tetris. However, this group is only for game directly based on the original Tetris concept. To be included the falling blocks have to be polyominoes of various shapes (this excludes games like Columns where all blocks have the same shape) which can be rotated. In Tetris each polymino consists of four squares but some variants have more or less. The objective of Tetris variants is to clear lines and therefore games where the goal is to match blocks of different colours are excluded.

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Selected Covers

Arcade Classics 3D Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Arcade Classics 3D
iPentris iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for iPentris
mBlocks Browser Front Cover
Front cover for mBlocks
Tetris POP BREW Front Cover
Front cover for Tetris POP
Tetris Revolution BREW Front Cover
Front cover for Tetris Revolution

Selected Screenshots

Starting the game with some easy blocks.
Screenshot from iPentris
Start of the game
Screenshot from Tetris
Playing timed game (v1.3 beta)
Screenshot from mBlocks
Title screen
Screenshot from Tetris
Screenshot from First-Person Tetris
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