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Theme: Amnesia

Group Description

Games that use amnesia as a plot device: The plot usually identifies the main character having no or little knowledge or memory about him or herself and thus the story progresses as an attempt to restore the memory lost.

  • The focus of the game plot must primarily be identified as any attempt to restore the "memory loss" as it explains why the character is walking around bumping into trees in the first place;

  • This means, games where the character wakes up with no recollection of his/her memory, but is not supported by a plot where he/she tries to recover their memory back are excluded from this game group.

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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherMobyScore
Alone in the Dark2008PlayStation 2, WiiAtari, Inc.3.07
The Witcher (Enhanced Edition)2008Macintosh, WindowsAtari, Inc.4.29
Love Death 3: Realtime Lovers2008WindowsTeatime2.17
Lost: Via Domus2008PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Ubisoft, Inc.3.37
Alone in the Dark2008Windows, Xbox 360Atari, Inc.3.30
Adventures of Keith Night: After a Shadow2007Windows4.17
Secrets of Great Art2007WindowsReflexive Entertainment Inc.3.33
Eschalon: Book I2007Linux, Macintosh, WindowsBasilisk Games3.97
Manhunt 22007PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii, WindowsRockstar Games, Inc.3.17
Lost Odyssey2007Xbox 360Microsoft Game Studios4.01
Aquaria2007iPad, Linux, Macintosh, Windows1C-SoftClub4.17
The Witcher2007WindowsAtari, Inc.4.11
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All2006Nintendo DS, WiiCapcom U.S.A., Inc.4.04
Paradise2006Nintendo DS, WindowsUbisoft, Inc.2.93
Altered Beast2005PlayStation 2SEGA Europe Ltd.3.55
Cave Story2005Amiga, Dreamcast, GP2X, GP2X Wiz, Linux, Macintosh, Nintendo DSi, WindowsNicalis, Inc.3.85
Haunting Ground2005PlayStation 2Capcom Entertainment, Inc.4.00
Mind's Eye2005Windows4.20
Metal Gear Ac!d 22005PSPKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.3.28
Shinobido: Way of the Ninja2005PlayStation 2Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.3.62
Paid to Kill2005J2MERovio Mobile Ltd....
The Dreamhold2005Browser, iPad, iPhone, WindowsZarfhome Software Consulting, LLC4.00
Breakdown2004XboxNamco Hometek Inc.3.54
Second Sight2004GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, XboxCodemasters3.33
Echo Night: Beyond2004PlayStation 2Agetec, Inc.3.92
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Selected Covers

Aquaria Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Aquaria
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 PSP Front Cover
Front cover for Metal Gear Ac!d 2
Altered Beast PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Altered Beast
Lost: Via Domus PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Lost: Via Domus
Manhunt 2 PSP Front Cover
Front cover for Manhunt 2

Selected Screenshots

Naija's cloud city (introduction sequence)
Screenshot from Aquaria
Screenshot from Metal Gear Ac!d 2
Title screen
Screenshot from Altered Beast
Title screen
Screenshot from Lost: Via Domus
Title Screen (in Russian)
Screenshot from Manhunt 2