Theme: Future sports / Brutal sports

Group Description

A common sci-fi theme, dating back at least to the 1975 movie Rollerball, is that of futuristic gladiator games as a panem et circenses for the masses of a dystopian future. According to video games, the most common sport of the future is a bloody variation on rugby or American football, played by heavily-armoured, genetically-manipulated athletes. The genre-defining classic is considered to be the Bitmap Brothers' Speedball, though it was neither the first nor the last.
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Selected Covers

Monday Night Combat Xbox 360 Front Cover first version
Front cover for Monday Night Combat
Mutant League Football Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Mutant League Football
Speedball 2: Tournament Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Speedball 2: Tournament

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Mutant League Football
Main Menu
Screenshot from Speedball 2: Tournament
Intro (with a highly original theme :->)
Screenshot from Mad Cars
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